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The Regional Council of Lapland

The Joint Managing Authority of Kolarctic ENPI CBC is in the Regional Council of Lapland (Lapin liitto), Rovaniemi, Finland. The Regional Councils in Finland are regional, politically steered joint municipal boards. See the website of the Regional Council of Lapland:   

Norwegian website:

Kolarctic ENPI CBC has branch offices in Vadsö (Norway) and Luleå (Sweden). In Norway, the branch office is in Finnmark County Authority (Finnmark fylkeskommune). The Norwegian branch office has a website in Norwegian, for those Norwegians who want information in their own language.  Website of the Norwegian office of Kolarctic ENPI CBC:

The Norwegian County Authorities (Fylkeskommune) in the programme region participate actively in the implementing of the programme. They grant Norwegian co-financing to the projects, they participate in some projects as partners, and participate in the evaluation of the programme. 

Finnmark fylkeskommune:

Troms fylkeskommune:

Nordland fylkeskommune:


County Administrative Board of Norrbotten

The Swedish Branch office of Kolarctic ENPI CBC is in the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten (Länsstyrelsen i Norrbottens län). It is also a central national co-financier for the Swedish partners in international projects, e.g. the Kolarctic ENPI CBC projects. See the website of the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten (in Swedish only): 


is the document including the rules for using, among others, the Kolarctic ENPI CBC financing

Practical guide to contract procedures for EC external actions


Regional Capacity Building Initiative is a project funded by the European Union that helps partner country participation in ENPI CBC programmes 2007-2013. The RCBI website:

The RCBI has arranged informaton events for training Russian potential participants about ENPI CBC project planning and project management. The slides are available here on our website:

From project idea to project proposal.pdf (471.0 kB)

Logical framework.pdf (1225.0 kB)

Project budget.pdf (215.0 kB)

Project partners.pdf (277.0 kB)

National co-financing sources:


Länsstyrelsen i Norrbottens län

Länsstyrelsen i Västerbottens län

Other cross-border cooperation programmes:

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South-East Finland - Russia ENPI CBC:  

Interreg IV A Nord:

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Baltic Sea Region Programme:

Northern Periphery Programme (often known as NPP):

The EU emblem (the flag)

You can download the emblem from this website of the EU: