Frequently asked questions from ongoing projects

Question: Can we change the project budget, and if we can, how much? 

Answer: You can make changes in the project budget that do not affect the basic purpose of the project. E.g. you can reallocate costs from one budget headline to another. In case this change causes more than 15 % increase or decrease in one budget heading (on the Total budget level), you first have to apply for an addendum from the JMA.

Question: In what kind of communication materials do we have to include the disclaimer?

Answer: In material produced by the project, that includes narrative text, expressions of views etc., a disclaimer has to be published. Cf, if an information product includes no text (like materials), a disclaimer is not necessary.

Question: What is the situation today - if we buy equipment for the project, is there a certain rule about the country where the commodity must  be produced?

Answer:The rule of origin has certainly awaked confusion, and it is also changing. The answer may be simpler than you think: contact the contact person of your project. We will not answer here on the website.

Q: Does a Lead Partner from Norway have to submit an audit report together with the Interim Report?

A: The Lead Partner from Norway is responsible for gathering audit reports from partners even though the LP itself need not submit an audit report. The audit report of the Norwegian Lead Partner / Partner has to be submitted together with the Final Report.

Q: How often should project updates be done?

A: Not on a regular basis, only after a request from the JMA

Q: Are costs for preparing the Final report eligible?

A: Costs for completing the Final Report are eligible to some extent, even after the project period has ended. Contact the JMA for more details about this. Nevertheless, some parts of the Final Report have to be done during the implementation period of the project.

Q: If expenses of one of the partners are very small during the project period, do they need to be included in every financial report?


A: The partner does not have to report every time, if its costs are relevantly small. But information about this, and the activities of this partner, should be included in the Interim Narrative report.


Material for projects that are being implemented in Kolarctic ENPI CBC

Some basic requirements for Final Reports (6.11.2014)

After reading some final reports of Kolarctic ENPI CBC projects that have ended, the JMA decided to write some instructions on closing a project and making a final report. Theinstructions have been sent to all projects and you can read them here: Instructions on Kolarctic project closure

The Financial Unit has provided some updated templates on December 5th:

Check list FINAL REPORT LP 4.3.2015.doc (102.9 kt )

  Final Consolidated Financial Report, and a

  Template for Costs in the Final Report.  


Changes in Eligibility rules!  (18.07.2014)

Notification to grant beneficiaries with an ongoing contract:

Following the entry into force of the Regulation (EU) N°236/2014 of 11th March 2014 laying down common rules and procedures for the implementation of the Union´s instruments for external action (CIR), new eligibility rules have to be applied in all procedures to be launched at the latest as from 1st August 2014.

You will find the notification letter via this link.
Should you have any questions, please contact:


A selection of presentations (upd.March 27, 2013)

The JMA organised a training session on March 21st, 2013, especially for projects from the 4th call for proposals. Here you find a selection of the .ppt files used in the sessin. 

EMOS reporting (Katri Niska-Honkonen) 210313 ENG

Financial reporting (Katri Niska-Honkonen) 210313, ENG

Narrative reporting (Katja Sukuvaara) 210313, ENG

Narrative reporting 210313, RUS translation

Visibility of Kolarctic ENPI CBC projects (Marjaana Lahdenranta) 210313, ENG

Internal Project Qualitative Monitoring IPQM (Renata Musifullina) 210313, ENG

Project Implementation Manual, updated March 20th, 2013

Project Implementation Manual


For reporting: templates, forms and other material (04.03.2014)

Projects draw up and submit their interim report and request for payment in the monitoring system of Kolarctic ENPI CBC   

NOTE All documents must be submitted to the JMA in English!

Templates and forms include guidelines both in English and Russian languages.  

Annexes to fill in are below:

Check list INTERIM REPORT LP 4.3.2014.doc (122.4 kt )  

Check list INTERIM REPORT Partners 4.3.2014.doc (110.1 kt )

   Check list FINAL REPORT LP 4.3.2015.doc (102.9 kt )

    Financial report 4.3.2014.xls (226.8 kt )

General ledge specification 4.3.2014.xls (124.9 kt ) 

Specification of the salaries 4.3.2014.xls (116.7 kt )

Employee list 4.3.2014.xls (262.7 kt )

Time sheet 4.3.2014.xls (283.6 kt ) 

Time sheet several projects Nov 2014.xls (100.4 kt ) 

List of equipments 4.3.2014.xls (110.1 kt ) 


Annex IV of the Grant Contract: 

Annex IV Procurement By Grant Beneficiaries..(PraG Annex IV).doc (78.8 kt )

  Annex VII of the Grant Contract: Expenditure verification:

Annex VII Expenditure Verification report (PraG Annex VII).doc (159.7 kt )



Visibility guidelines, updated Feb 19, 2013

Communication and visibility guidelines to Kolarctic ENPI CBC projects, updated 190213     Annex VIII communication.pdf (138.8 kt )

  Kolarctic ENPI CBC logo.jpg (58.0 kB)

EC flag:   

  What has now been updated in the visibility guidelines: 

Section 3.2.4.   has been changed to: All leaflets and brochures should include ... adequate contact information of the project.

Section 3.2.4.: We have removed the chapter    “Leaflets and brochures produced by a contractor... “

Section and 3.2.12.: EuropeAid Information, Communication and Front Office Unit   address has been added

Section 5. Contact information to Kolarctic office in Norway has been added


Official documents from the EC

General Conditions:

The General Conditions are an annex (Annex II) to Prag and they are changing from time to time. The General Conditions that must be applied are always annexed to every Grant Contract as Annex II of the GC. So, the General Conditions may be different for projects that have been contracted during different calls for proposals.

For the projects of the 1st call for proposals, this version from 2008 is applied:  General Conditions Applicable to European Union- financed grant contracts for external actions 

Projects of the 2nd call for proposals use this version from 2010: Annex II General Conditions.pdf (85.7 kt )

  Projects of the 3rd and 4th call for proposals use this version from 2011:

Annex II General Conditions.pdf (76.6 kt )  

Financial Identification Form:

The Lead Partner must get a Financial Identification form from its bank where the EU grant is supposed to be paid. The Financial Identification must then be annexed to the Grant Contract. : Financial Identification Form 


EU regulations

ENPI Implementing rules 951/2007.pdf (107 kt )

ENPI regulation.pdf (112.0 kB)


Financing Agreement

Financing Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the European Community on financing and implementing the cross border cooperation programme "Kolarctic"

Financing agreement Kolarctic (ENGLISH).pdf (993.6 kt )

Financing agreement Kolarctic (Russian).pdf (1065 kt )