Large Scale Projects (LSPs) in Kolarctic ENPI CBC


Reconstruction of road Kandalaksha-Alakurtti-Salla

The project will reconstruct the section 100-130km of the road Salla (Finland) –Alakurtti (Russia) for barrier-free mutually beneficial relations between the Russian Federation and the European Union.

Car road Kandalaksha – Alakurtti – «Sallaа» checkpoint is spreading from East to West in the Western part of the Murmansk region in the direction of the National border with Finland.

The predicted intensity of traffic in 2024 will achieve 894 cars per day. In 2009 the intensity of traffic was 465 cars per day. The road sections to be reconstructed have sand and gravel covering, and it does not allow to increase the capacity of the road and passenger flow without considerable losses for the road users.

Lead Partner: State Reg. Official Establishment for Management of roads of the Murmansk Region / Murmanskavtodor, Russia


Polar Wind

Project activities will contribute to lowering economical, technical, financial and
environmental risks of the regional energy supply system of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug by transferring from fossil fuels to alternative local energy sources (wind).

The project activities:

• develop 4 pilot sites for wind monitoring complexes installation in small settlements
of NAO (incl. Engineering and design tasks, organisational and legal issues)
• perform energy audit at the pilot sites for exact evaluation of local energy
consumption, local energy balance definition and energy performance actions plans
development with recommendations on integrating renewable energy sources into the
local energy balance
• purchase and install 4 wind monitoring complexes on the developed sites
• arrange wind monitoring process for 12-moth period to evaluate the wind capacity
and technical specifications of the wind-diesel electric power stations to be further
installed at the pilot sites
• train local staff that will provide technical maintenance and wind monitoring for the
wind monitoring complexes during the project period and further on
• model wind conditions for future wind diesel electric power stations with 3D model
based on wind monitoring results
• prepare Feasibility study on the investments in the construction and installations of
the planned municipal self-sustained wind - diesel electric power stations is prepared

Lead Partner: North-Western United Power Generating Company Ltd., Russia


Reconstruction of the automobile border crossing point Borisoglebsk

The BCP Borisoglebsk is the Russian border crossing point between Norway and the Russian Federation. This project will improve the road surface and arrangements of traffic lanes equipped to carry out border control for movement of cars, truck and buses. New equipment and improved technical condition of buildings and stuctures will be arranged. 

Lead Partner: The Federal Agency for the Development of the State Border facilities of the RF (Rosgranitsa, Russia