What is Kolarctic ENPI CBC

The Programme Kolarctic ENPI CBC is one of the ENPI financing instruments of the European Union. The ENPI programmes are being implemented on the external borders of the EU. 

Kolarctic ENPI CBC has granted financing to totally 50 projects during the programme period 2007-2013. In the projects, the project partners are a wide range of public and private organisations on the Kolarctic region. The core programme region consists of  Nordland, Troms and Finnmark counties in Norway, Norrbotten in Sweden, Lapland in Finland, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions and Nenets autonomous district in Russia.

In many contexts, the region is also being referred to as the Barents region. The Kolarctic ENPI CBC programme region differs from the region known as the Barents Euro-Arctic region somewhat: the latter includes also Kainuu region in Finland, and Karelia republic and Komi republic in Russia. Kainuu and Komi are not eligible regions in Kolarctic ENPI CBC.

No more calls for proposals are going to be launched. 

In the projects, that are co-financed by Kolarctic ENPI CBC, organisations develop their activities with cross-border partners, and promote the development of the region.

The Regional Council of Lapland works as the administrative authority of Kolarctic ENPI CBC Programme.


What's new in Kolarctic ENPI CBC

 SUMILCERE - Sustainablemining- local communities and environmental regulation in the northernmost Europe

A conference; see more information HERE on the project's website: www.ulapland.fi/sumilcere/conference  


Visual Arts on the Barents Region - invitation from the project Northern Beauty

  Northern Beauty Seminar- Promoting Cultural Cooperation in the Barents region.   

Northern Beauty: Barents Visual Arts in 1970 – 1980 project invites you to take part in the seminar on History and Perspectives of the Northern Cultural Cooperation. The seminar will be held on November 18 th 2014 in Korundi House of Culture, Lapinkävijäntie 4, Rovaniemi. The event is organized in cooperation with Rovaniemi Art Museum. 

The seminar is intended to for all those who are interested in the rich and diverse culture of the Barents region. It will gather Barents region’s artists and art professional actively engaged in the joint cultural activities and projects. Speakers will share the experiences and lessons from little known history of the Northern visual arts cooperation. Further on, experts present their views on the current cultural cooperation in the Barents region and Europe and future perspectives.  

During the seminar the participants will be invited to engage in peer discussions on how to build on existing experiences and steps to be taken to keep up international relations, promote mutual understanding and strengthen the northern identity.   

Northern Beauty project was implemented by the University of Lapland in cooperation with museums and art organizations from Finland, Russia, Sweden and Norway. The project worked as a platform for the cultural research and collaboration through joint international exhibitions and symposiums with the ultimate mission to promote visual cultural heritage of the Barents region. Upon the results of the research, the team of international art researchers and art professionals produced Northern Beauty publication consisting of art-historical research-based articles. 

The Northern Beauty project team is looking forward to you participation in the seminar and contribution to the discussion. The seminar is free of charge. In order to make practical arrangements, we kindly ask you to register by 14 th of November 2014 by sending an e-mail to Irina.gerashchenko@ulapland.fi .

See Programme of the semina. 





  You have gathered together a couple of times, in events arranged by us, the JMA. And as far as we understand, you liked it? Before the closing of your projects and of Kolarctic ENPI CBC programme, please join us and other projects for one on 09.12.14 day in Korundi House of Culture, Rovaniemi!  We call the day 


and nd we plan to offer you both information and fun!

  During the day we want to present what you projects have achieved. It is possible that you bring some of your own material with you. Please inform us about this advance: marjaana.lahdenranta@lapinliitto.fi  so we can try to arrange some space for it. 

  In this event we are also going to hear some results of programme evaluation. We will also tell you what we know about Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020. Some music is included in the programme! and you have the possibility to see the Korundi arts exhibition free of charge at some point during the day. See a more detailed programme annexed  Draft Agenda 91214.pdf (134.3 kt )

  At this stage, we have to limit the number of registrations to 1 person / country / project. After the first registration period it is possible that we have seats left, so we can get back to that.

  For the projects that have already ended, the JMA will pay the travel and accommodation of 1 person / country / project.

Should you have any questions about the event, registration etc. please contact Ms Renata Musifullina, renata.musifullina@lapinliitto.fi  



  Kolarctic Salmon   has published a new website. All relevant information - 1.e. manuals, reports, and scientific results of the project are released there.  www.fylkesmannen.no/kolarcticsalmon


"NEW E-Health Approaches for Schoolchildren" - a conference on November 11th-13th in Rovaniemi:

Project ArctiChildren is developing information and support for health for the children on the Kolarctic region. See more about their conference on http://www.arctichildren.com/conference/ 


Barents Boys Choir collected in Keminmaa in May. See how Pohjolan sanomat wrote about it. Barents Boys´ Choir is a part of New Horizons-project. 


The CEEPRA project (Collaboration Network on Euroarctic Environmental Radiation Protection and Research) presents its activities in an understandable way in a newly released booklet. It is available e.g. here in English and in Finnish. 


Barents Journal project informs that the first issue of a new academic journal Barents Studies: Peoples, Economies and Politics is published. The new journal consists of multidisciplinary peer-reviewed articles, book reviews and presentations of young scholars and their Barents related research. The journal is published in printed as well as in electronic form and it is free of charge for all interested readers.

Access to the electronic version of the journal (free of charge): www.barentsinfo.org/barentsstudies


New Horizons is the big project in cultural co-operation. Their newsletter archive is here:  New Horizons Newsletters


SUMILCERE (short for Sustainable Mining, local communities, and
environmental regulation in the Kolarctic area) has been presented in the Parliament magazine in November, 2013. A .pdf including the article is here


Crossover Crafts – Artisans Without Borders is one of the projects in Kolarctic ENPI CBC. See their interesting blog – presenting loghouse renovation. http://crossovercrafts.wordpress.com/


The Sound of Barents is part of the huge cultural project New Horizons. See their beautiful annual report: Sound of Barents year 2013


Kolarctic Salmon-project was handled in Sör-Varanger Avis (in Norwegian) in December 2013. Nå vet de hvor sjölaksen kommer fra 


A School for All works in developing inclusive education on our region. Their latest publication is Learning from our Neighbours – Inclusive Education in the Making.  http://www.ulapland.fi/loader.aspx?id=d9fec133-5f60-4ce3-9323-1e925a38fbdf


Oil Spill Response System is the shortened name of a Kolarctic project workin with the risk of oil spills. The project has established a testing laboratory, see a newsfilm of the opening (in Russian TV21)




See a video presenting some projects that have received financing from Kolarctic ENPI CBC!

Kolarctic ENPI CBC projects

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