Official documents concerning the programme Kolarctic ENPI CBC


The joint programme document ENPI CBC

The Joint Programme Document Kolarctic ENPI CBC is planned and written in co-operation between the participating countries and regions during approx two years of the programme preparation period. The Joint Programme Document  approved by the European Commission is in English and it has three annexes.

1_EN_ACT_part1_v3.pdf (46.1 kt )

1_EN_annexe_acte_autonome_part1_v1.pdf (122.5 kt )  

KOLARCTIC_PROTOCOL TO FA_18122013_eng.pdf (432.2 kt )   

Kolarctic ENPI CBC -Programme Appr 19 12 2008 EN Addendum 03092010 Addendum 02122013.pdf (1534.2 kt ) (updated February 2nd, 2013)

Kolarctic ENPI CBC Programme Document 19.12.2008 and Addendum 3.9.2010.pdf (997.0 kB)  (updated December 20th, 2010)

Programme Document Annex 1 SWOT en.pdf (16.0 kB)

Programme Document Annex 2 SEA.pdf (171.0 kB)

Programme Document Annex 3 Information Action Plan.pdf (31.0 kB)

Translations of the programme document

Translations are now available in Russian, Swedish and Finnish.  The official document is the English one, and should there be contradictions between the language versions, the English version is valid.

Programme Document Kolarctic ENPI CBC in Russian:    Kolarctic ENPI CBC -Programme Appr. 19.12.2008 RU, Addendum 03092010.pdf (1374 kt )

Programme Document Kolarctic ENPI CBC in Swedish:    Kolarctic ENPI CBC -Programme Appr. 19.12.2008 SE, Addendum 03092010.pdf (947.0 kB)

Programme Document kolarctic ENPI CBC in Finnish:    Kolarctic ENPI CBC -Programme Appr. 19.12.2008 FI, Addendum 03092010.pdf (956.0 kB)

Annual Work Programmes of Kolarctic ENPI CBC:

Each year, an annual work programme draws up e.g. the amounts of financing available, the schedules of the calls for proposals, and possibly conditions and objectives for the year in question.

Annual Work Programme 2016:  Annual Work Programme 2016.pdf (99.9 kt )  

Annual Work Programme 2015:     Annual Work Programme 2015.pdf (14.2 kt )

Annual Work Programme 2014:    Annual Work Programme 2014.pdf (22.7 kt )

Annual Work Programme 2012:    Annual Work Programme 2012.pdf (18.6 kt )

Annual Work Programme 2011:    Annual work Programme 2011.pdf (16.0 kB)  

Annual Work Programme 2010:  Annual Work Programme 2010.pdf (15.0 kB)