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So, you are interested in Kolarctic cooperation / Barents region cooperation. Are you planning a project?  

The Kolarctic team is pleased to announce that in anticipation of the upcoming Kolarctic CBC Programme 2014 – 2020, the next generation of  Project Cycle Management (PCM) workshops will be organized in November 2015 in the Programme countries.

Based on the positive feedback received from the previous PCM workshops, we would like to support the development of your potential project ideas and not to get freeze while waiting for the new Programme to start. 

Based on the Concept Notes received, Worskhop '
Environmental protection, climate change, mitigation and adaptation' will take place on 12.11.15 in  Tromsø (Norway) and Workshop 'Business and SME development' on 18.11.15 in Murmansk (Russia). More information is here

The Kolarctic ENPI CBC programme invites you to tender for carrying out an external evaluation of the programme

The written tenders must be delivered by 21 February 2014 .

See more on this subpage: External evaluation of Kolarctic ENPI CBC



Invitation to all, from Northern Beauty

Welcome to the Northern Beauty, Barents Visual Arts in the 1970 and the 1980 first exhibition opening and symposium in Kemi Culture Center. Symposium 16.1.2014 at 10:00 in Culture center of Kemi and exhibition opening at 18:00 Kemi Art Museum.

Please join us in Facebook. You can find symposium program also in FB.


ENI kick-off material

A kick off meeting for the planning of ENI 2014-2020 has been hald in St Petersburg 21.-22. May. Norway, Russia and EU participated, and the meeting started the planning of the ENI programmes for the regions of current ENPI programmes Kolarctic, Karelia and Southeast Finland - Russia. 

Slides used in the kick-off are available here:

Introduction_21.5.2013.ppt (976.4 kt )

Thematic priorities in CBC.ppt (415.7 kt )

Programming Committees.ppt (399.4 kt )

JMA Presentation.ppt (1199.1 kt )

Infrastructure.ppt (381.4 kt )

Geography.ppt (583.2 kt )

FA Piter 21_05_2013 JAs.pdf (134.5 kt )

Content and preparation of JOP.ppt (408.1 kt )

A.EGGENSCHWILER_St. Petersburg 21 May 2013.pptx (1158 kt )


Talk about journalism in Barents Cafe

Our project Barents Mediasphere is organising the next Barents Cafe on Thursday, September 12th. See Barents Mediasphere website  


SWOP Newsletter

What is happening during next fall in SWOP (Barents Cross-Border Cultural Experts) ? See their Newsletter.

X-Border Art Biennial is in Rovaniemi, Luleå and Severomorsk June 19th -  October 6th. The exhibition wants to explore and illuminate questions about boundaries, identity, cultural diversity and knowledge. See more in . Read X-Border Art Biennial Catalogue / Magazine here:


Kolarctic Sports and Recreational Activities has published a leaflet presenting sports facilities in Eastern Lapland: in Finnish, in English and in Russian


NEW HORIZONS is, in one of its sub-projects, promoting competence development of young entrepreneurs in the arts and culture branches. The participants to their education and networking seminar come from Sweden, Finland, Russia and Norway. More about this is written in Swedishon the Lead Partner's website. 


Swedish-Russian B to B event in Tornio on June 12th: Read more on the Swedish Entrepreneurs' website.  The event is arranged by the projects Russian-Swedish Council for the SME.  


Barents Mediasphere is a project where journalists of the Kolarctic region have, among other things, the possibility to share experiences. See article about their visit to Russia in Barentsinfo 


X-Border Art Biennial is approaching. It has invited artists to explore and illuminate questions about boundaries, identity, cultural diversity and knowledge in a time of globalisation. See / . The X-Border Art Biennial is part of the project New Horizons. 


CEEPRA works e.g. with estimation and modelling the consequenses of a nuclear accident in Northern Finland. See what the newspaper Kaleva has written about this on May 5th, 2013. 


SWOP  (an abbreviation for the project name Northern Cross-Border Cultural Experts) has a training session to offer, see the news on the Swop website


Connecting Young Barentsis a project connecting young people from Russia, Finland and Norway - around arts, music, hobbies... see their blog:


ConEct lähettää opiskelijoita työssäoppimisjaksoille naapurimaihin

This is how ConEct helps students to go cross-borders. The article is in Finnish only, taken from magazine "Käpyset" of Lapland Vocational College.

ConEct lehdessä Käpyset 4 2012.pdf (4789.7 kt )


Training for ongoing projects 21.03.2013

The Joint Managing Authority is arranging a training session on practical issues in project implementation for the Lead Partners and Partners of projects financed from the 4th Call for Proposals of Kolarctic ENPI CBC Programme.

The training session wil be carried out in Rovaniemi on 21st March 2013 (Hotel Oppipoika, Korkalonkatu 33, Rovaniemi 96200). Language of the training will be English.

For registration and further information, please contact JMA via e-mail: renata.musifullina(at) on the 7th of March 2013 at the latest.


News archive:

See our Kolarctic ENPI CBC presentation video and other European Cooperation Day material in Youtube:  


See examples of our projects

We have written some project descriptions with pictures, see


SWOP:s happening in Ivalo

The project SWOP (Cross-Border Cultural Experts) in getting together in Ivalo, playing football and introducing their project to all interested from near and far, September 21st, on Ivalo sports field.. See 


A database of projects in European Territorial Cooperation

ENPI programmes are gradually joining a database known as KEEP - also the Kolarctic ENPI CBC projects will be updated there. See interesting projects in European Territorial Cooperation: KEEP Database


The 4th call for proposals is launched on January 16th, 2012

For more information, see sub-page 4th call for proposals

The Russian Branch Offices of the Kolarctic ENPI CBC Programme will arrange information events/ meetings with potential applicants in Naryan-Mar, Russia on

23.03.2012 and

NOTE: 04.-06.04.2012. 

See invitation (in Russian): Naryan-Mar Invitation.pdf (102.4 kt )

If you are interested to participate, please register:  kolarctic.arh (at)


The programme JMA arranged information meetings / seminars about how to make a financing application:

30.1. Rovaniemi.  See programme: Ohjelma 30.1.2012.pdf (97.8 kt )

31.1. Haparanda. See program: Haparanda 310112 program.pdf (14 kt )

1.2. Luleå. See program: Luleå 010212 program.pdf (14.1 kt )

2.2. Inari; at the Sámi Cultural Center Sajos. 

7.2. Arkhangelsk. See programme: Programme Arkhangelsk 07.02.2012.pdf (158.4 kt )

9.2. Naryan Mar. See programme: Programme_Naryan-Mar_09.02.12.pdf (152.2 kt )

14.2. Murmansk   Programme_Murmansk_14.02.12.pdf (157.9 kt )

Information events in Norway:

31.1. Bodö
1.2. Tromsö
2.2. Vadsö

See more information in

 You can of course contact us with any questions about the programme or about how to apply for financing.


 4th call for proposals will be from January 16th to April 16th, 2012

The Guidelines for Grant Applicants for the 4th call will be published in January 16th. Until then, you can

contact us with any questions concerning the program and the financing.





The Schedule of the next call for proposals is not confirmed
In its meeting on June 15th, the Joint Monitoring Committee of Kolarctic ENPI CBC did not decide upon the next call for proposals, The JMC will handle this in its next meeting later this year.

We have some projects approved by the JMC!
The Monitoring Committee of Kolarctic ENPI CBC has approved 11 projects to be financed from Kolarctic ENPI CBC. Five proposals are still under consideration and 18 proposals of the call have been rejected.